Emma Shaw

Personal Trainer | Grove City, OH | Buckeye Fitness Gym

Buckeye Fitness Club | Personal Trainer

About Emma

Hi! I grew up in Circleville, OH and I am a 2024 grad from the Ohio State University with a bachelor’s in exercise science. When my nose isn’t in a pile of textbooks, I like reading for fun, playing pickleball, thrifting, and cuddling with my dog. I found my passion for fitness late in high school and have not fallen out of love for it. The ability to be strong and healthy is something I think a lot of people take for granted, but I’m here to help people take advantage of it!

Muscle Gain

Strength is important for both looking and feeling good, so let me help you get there!


Besides helping to shed off fat, cardio is vital for longevity and your health later down the line. So why not start now?

Weight Loss

Weight loss can often be the most challenging goal for some, but I will be there to motivate you every step of the way!


Fit 3D Body Scanner

Every one of our personal training consultations begins with a free 3D body scan. This advanced technology provides a comprehensive baseline for your fitness. This data helps provide an in-depth analysis that we use to benchmark our performance over time. Not only can you feel the results, you can see them!

Our Clients Get Results.