Rich Hilsheimer

Rich Hilsheimer
Fitness Training Diploma, CPR, Nationally Qualified in the NPC
Weight loss, Muscle gain, Group Fitness, Nutrition, Self-Defense, Motivational Speaking
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Rich Hilsheimer is an experienced and dedicated United States Marine Corps veteran who is a graduate of Heritage College for Personal/Fitness training.  He has four years of experience in national security services, trained as Marine rifleman and has led training of infantry teams.  He has also conducted research at OSU for Dieting and Weight Training programs. Rich personal trains for multiple individuals with a variety of goals, including weight loss, muscle gain, nutrition, and self-defense.  He is the Group Fitness leader at the club, and Nationally Qualified in the NPC.

Currently, Rich is leading the following Group Fitness Classes:


Great gym! Very clean and welcoming. The staff is also great. I highly recommend Rich if you’re looking for a fitness trainer. A solid trainer. Achieves a great balance of maximizing results without causing injury. Really knows when to push, and when not to. Intense focus on delivering proper form. In addition to hitting your goals, Rich ensures that workouts target areas that are important for good general health. Great attitude and motivational, in and out of the gym. Also does a full body condition class on Saturdays that’s always fun and constantly changing.

Carrie W. May 2016. 


If you’re looking for a trainer or even just weighing your options you should definitely talk to Rich Hilsheimer! When I joined Buckeye two months ago I wasn’t sure I even wanted a trainer but he took time and talked to me so I decided I’d give him a chance. Choosing him as my trainer was the best decision I could have made. Not only is he my trainer but he’s been a real friend. He pushes you as far as he knows you can go and is there for you if you need him, even if it’s just to talk about nothing. He cares about my success and pushes me so I can’t fail. I would recommend him to everyone!!!! It also helps that he’s affordable and will work with you anyway he can!

Kassie Willson, May 2016. 


Everyone at Buckeye Fitness is super friendly and are willing to help you. If it wasn’t for my personal trainer, Rich Hilsheimer, I probably would have quit awhile ago, he’s not just a trainer but a friend, he actually cares about your goals, results and what’s best for you. He’s a trainer that will check up on you, keep you on track and push you!

Jessica Lynn, May 2016.


Rich Hilsheimer is a great trainer. He is your trainer , even when he is not on the clock. He will check up on you to make sure you are doing what you need to do to reach your goals , and offer advice. He does this because he has a genuine interest in your success. The rest of the crew is also invested in you. They don’t treat you like a membership number. With their help , I have lost 50 pounds and they keep me coming back. Thanks guys

Tory Price, March 2016.


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