Frank Riffe

Frank Riffe
Physical Education/Health & Wellness BA, NFPT CPT, Life Support/CPR
Strength and Conditioning
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Frank Riffe is a former collegiate lacrosse player and current nationally qualified men’s physique competitor. Frank holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physical Education/ Health & Wellness and is an NFPT Certified Personal Trainer, skilled at creating strength and conditioning regimens for all age and fitness levels.

Proficient at communicating with clients to improve all aspects of each individual’s well being and performance. He also hopes to motivate and inspire each and everyone with simply leading by example!

I was nervous about going into this alone and I am so happy with how welcome the entire staff makes me feel while I’m at Buckeye Fitness. I can’t say enough about the motivation and encouragement that Frank gives me. I haven’t regularly worked out for years so naturally my first week was exhausting at times but he doesn’t let me give up even when I really…really…want to! Frank doesn’t make me feel ashamed or embarrassed for being out of shape. He’s very optimistic and makes his clients feel so comfortable so if you’re looking for a trainer, he’s the bomb! I know I couldn’t be happier.

Kelsey Pinney. May 2016.