Elizabeth Mitchum

Elizabeth Mitchum
Masters in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, CPT, PES, NASE-CSS
Weight Loss, Weight Lifting and Conditioning, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Youth Strength and Conditioning, Nutritional Guidance, Group Fitness
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My name is Elizabeth Mitchum and I have been working in this industry since 2010. I am a proud alum of The Ohio State University where I received my Bachelors in Exercise Science. In 2013 I decided to go back to school and received my Masters of Exercise Science & Health Promotion where I concentrated on injury prevention and performance enhancement. I am an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, a National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist and a National Association of Speed and Explosion Certified Speed Specialist. I also have American Heart Association Basic Life Support and Advance Cardiac Life Support certifications as well. I have a genuine concern to help all my clients reach their goals and you can be rest assured I will do everything possible to help you reach them!

I specialize in weight loss, weight lifting and conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation, youth strength and conditioning, nutritional guidance, and group fitness.
I also have experience in owning and managing a group fitness studio as well as years of experience in 1-on-1 and small group fitness training.

I have been training with Elizabeth for a few years. She has helped me cut body fat, increase my self esteem and confidence and over helped me be a more active person. She has provided me menu options, advice, and explains everything when requested. She has great articles she provides to support her advice. She pushes and supports me to do things I never thought possible. She makes working out fun. Elizabeth is open to my input in workout, even responding when I send her a text during her off time. She is a great motivator, teacher, coach, and trainer. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in personalized personal training no matter your skill level!
Amy B.

Elizabeth changed my life. She helped me find my inner athlete! I have become strong physically converting significant amounts of body fat to consistent muscle. She challenges and supports her clients, helping each person excel. I have pushed myself in ways I never would have thought possible. Her coaching gives me confidence. She is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with–I have never had such results! She is fun, friendly and knows her stuff. She is always thinking of new ways to personalize workouts. Without a doubt, choose Elizabeth!
Barbara A.

I have been training with Elizabeth for the past two years and during that time I have cut body fat, lost weight, increased strength and endurance as well as working within restrictions caused by a few surgical setbacks. Thanks to Elizabeth’s plan the recovery was strong with minimal time lost. I would recommend her for all training goals!!
Terrie S.

I’ve been training with Elizabeth since 2012 and I have seen awesome results in my body! She definitely pushes me to go further than I think I can go and provides workouts that are super challenging, but make me feel great about myself after. Through her high intensity interval training, I’ve also seen an increase in my overall cardio strength. She’s a great trainer!
Jennifer B.

I worked with Elizabeth as a personal trainer for about a year and a half at a local college’s fitness center. She really helped take my workouts to the next level and I saw fantastic results in having more toned, defined muscle shape (she knows her stuff with anatomy and which exercises will make a difference for you). She was always fun to work with and be around in our morning workouts, but yet I really appreciated she made both the lifting and cardio portions a challenge for me. She also offered great tips and exercises to help me train for successfully running my first half marathon. I’d highly recommend working with Elizabeth if you get the chance!
Jaclyn L.

“Elizabeth is an excellent trainer. She started with me in Summer of 2013, and within 6 months had helped me cut my body fat percentage down by over 10% points, increased my stamina and strength. Elizabeth gave me specific, targeted advice regarding my strength and cardio training, as well as my diet that changed my life. Her advice and training also helped me achieve a sub-2-hour performance at the Cap City Half Marathon. I would highly recommend her for all fitness levels (beginning, intermediate and expert).”
Mary L.

“Elizabeth has motivated me to do things I did not think I could accomplish. She takes as much joy in my improvement as I do! Training with Elizabeth for just 10 months has taken me to a higher level of fitness, improved my strength, stamina, balance and my belief in myself. She explains movements in a way that makes sense. She asks for hard work, but makes it all seem fun.”
Tracy K.

“Although weight training is not ‘easy’ work, Elizabeth makes the task easier. She provides great direction regarding form and is very knowledgeable about training to be fit, both regarding exercise and nutrition. I can always expect a challenge, but one that is appropriate for my abilities. The amount of support that Elizabeth provides while challenging me is always appropriate and appreciated. The routines are always very different which keeps the muscles guessing! Therefore, results come faster.”
Peggy M.


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